McPhee Clan Society New Zealand

Ceud Mìle Fàilte - One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

The purpose of the Clan McPhee Society of New Zealand is

About Us

Membership is open to all whose name is McPhee no matter what spelling (male or female), or who are descended from, by marriage to or adopted by a person with an eligible surname, or name is included in the accepted list of spellings of McPhee (Macfie) plus any other person who may have an interest in the history of Clan Macfie.

Some of the accepted spellings are – Athey, Athie, Cathey, Cathie, Coffee, Coffey, Dugee, Duggie, Duffey, Duffy, Fee, Guffey, Guffie, Haffey, Haffie, McAfee, McAlfie, McCaffer, McCaffrey, McCaffie, McCathey, McCathie, McCuish, McDufee, McDuffie, McDuffey, McDuffy, McDuffin, McFee, McFie, McGuffey, McGuffie, McGufin, McHaffie, McHaffy, McPhee, McPhie, McVee, McVie, McHaffey,
Mehaffey, Phee, Phie [Note: The prefix Mc and Mac are interchangeable]

Origins of the New Zealand Clan Society

The McPhee Family Clan Society of New Zealand was formed in response to a worldwide call by the late Dr. Earle Douglas MacPhee of Vancouver, Canada, in the early 1970’s to reactivate Clan Macfie.

The Clan Society was initially formed in Papakura in 1974 with 30 members of the family of Belle McPhee Brew the founder of the Clan Society. The Clan Society was accepted as a Society within the international Clan Macfie in 1984. The word ‘Family’ was removed from the name of the Clan Society in 1993.

Today the New Zealand Clan Society has some 40 members and a membership over 5000 through affiliation of other societies to the international Clan Macfie.

Clan Society Events

Apart from the AGM, the Society does not hold regular meetings. The AGM is held during the closest weekend to 27 May which has been set aside as International Clan Macfie Day. The evening dinner, a social gathering and celebration, is always well attended and on occasions members from other clans also attend. The Clan Society receives an invitation to attend regular Scottish events held at other venues throughout the country. The clan banner is displayed at these events at which the Society participates.

Join us for:
Quarterly newsletter to all members
Notification of events
Genealogy encouraged amongst like minded members
The enjoyment of kinship & special gatherings with international Macfie Societies
Your say in the Clan Macfie Parliament sessions held in Scotland every 4 years

Clan Society Gathering:
In 2021, we are having a good old Scottish Gathering of all our Society members and kin from the wider Scottish Clans. The Gathering will be held in the South Island, most likely in Dunedin. To keep up to date about the arrangement and attending please check our Facebook or email:

Contact Us

Patron – Skip McPhee
Clan Society President – Glen McPhee
Vice President North Island – Kris Marsh | Vice President South Island – Leith Brew
NZ Clan Commissioner – James McPhee | Secretary – Jenny McAuslin | Treasurer – Heather McPhee

There is no joining fee. Membership fees PA are $15 single membership or $25 for a family membership. To join us, please fill out the membership form. Email us at or follow us on Facebook

Images: Macfie Tartan and Clan Member Crest Badge from Wikimedia Commons, licenced under CC BY-SA 2.5 and CC BY-SA 3.0